Trump is overdoing it with exploiting the raid

In everything Trump is doing these days, he wants maximum attention from Republican voters. After weeks of drumming, it should be a moment of triumph when the Justice Department released the document on which the search warrant for Trump’s property was based on Friday: It was further proof that the federal police with the raid was not in the interest of the state, but acted in the interests of the Biden administration.

But the fact that it is written in the document that Trump stole at least 184 documents from the White House that were to be kept secret – this did not mean that the allegedly politicized judiciary could be stormed. Even its loudest supporters did not express themselves with the usual shrillness. After Senator Lindsey Graham mantra-like called for the publication of the document in question, he wrote vaguely on Friday that the explanations for the raid are “backwards, not forwards”. Congressman Jim Jordan, who wanted to question the Attorney General before the Judiciary Committee about the searches, did not comment further.

It doesn’t seem to have escaped them that the allegations against Trump are becoming more and more valid. And that some voters may grow weary of the constant spotlight on Trump’s dramas.

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