Truth, Donald Trump’s anti-censorship app, “censors” its users

The social network, which looks exactly like Twitter, was built on the promise of freedom from censorship. Much to the dismay of its users, Truth would also “censor” their words — and they are not happy at all.

Truth Social, the social network created by Donald Trump, has only one principle: total and complete respect for ” freedom of speech “. The app, developed after the former President of the United States was banned from Twitter for his role in the invasion of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, has always described itself as an anti-censorship platform, where all speech can be held.

However, for a few days, users of Truth have been revolted: the app would censor them. The Daily Beast, an American newspaper, reported this story on July 20, 2022 — and according to disgruntled Truth users, the app is even ” as bad as twitter “.

Truth Social, the anti-censorship app, censors its users // Source: Truth Social

A filter “ sensitive content » who annoys

Users complain about a filter ” sensitive content “, which would block part of their publications, and which would be applied unfairly, according to them. The posts concerned contained memes making fun of Joe Biden, the current president of the United States, or even a photo of Jesus Christ and a quote from the Bible, explains The Daily Beast.

A screenshot of a censored post on Truth Social // Source: TheDailyBeast

The filter ” sensitive content does not remove posts. When applied, the filter simply covers images, blurring them, and alerting users that this is content that ” may not be suitable for all audiences “.

However, the photos are still visible: all you have to do is click on the “ show content (show content, editor’s note), and the original post will appear.

Posts are thus never deleted, and it is therefore not really a question of censorship, at best of moderation.

Truth Social users, however, did not appreciate seeing the filter appear on their post, and did not hesitate to make it known directly on the platform. A user thus published a status “ Truth Social loves censorship “, indicates The Daily Beast, which was able to find testimonies. Another explained that the social network teams “ should be ashamed of this censorship “.

The Daily Beast, which attempted to reach a spokesperson for Truth, did not have a response or an explanation on whether these filters were applied for ” sensitive content “.

Conceived as an anti-Twitter, Truth Social did not have an easy start. He was initially accused of using code from the Mastodon platform without respecting the license, and he suffered many technical problems. Truth is currently only available in the United States (Numerama failed to access the platform, editor’s note), and only on iPhone. Above all, Truth did not meet with the hoped-for success: in April, almost a month after its launch, there were very few users on the social network – and Donald Trump himself was completely inactive on the app.

The fact that many people have complained about the ” censorship on the app, however, seems to indicate that there is a core group of active users who regularly post to Truth. Good news for the app, but one that may not last if users continue to complain about the ” censorship “of the filter” sensitive content “.

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