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Truth Social still lives in the shadows in the social media universe. Not much is likely to change.

Trump’s social network Truth Social is now two years old. Nevertheless, the number of users is modest. It is estimated that there are fewer than a million active users. And these are not a mainstream audience – they are primarily Donald Trump fans and people on the right.

Truth Social doesn’t get much attention outside of this bubble. SRF digital editor Jürg Tschirren also sees this clear orientation as one of the reasons for Truth Social’s lack of success.

Jürg Tschirren

Digital editor

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Jürg Tschirren studied contemporary history and journalism. He has been working for SRF since 2007 and reports on IT, communications, consumer electronics, digital distribution, social networks, data protection, computer security and games.

But the social media platform is probably not all that interesting for Trump fans themselves. “On X, Facebook or elsewhere, people from the right-wing fringe can provoke political opponents with their content. At Truth Social they are more likely to be among themselves and are less likely to sow discord there. “That makes the network less exciting,” says Tschirren.

A television screen shows the stock price of Trump Media and Technology Group.


Truth Social’s parent company went public last week. Since then, shares in Trump Media & Technology Group have experienced ups and downs.

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It is generally difficult for new social media projects to assert themselves. “Gab” and “Parler” are just two examples. Their potential is often overestimated, explains the SRF digital editor. Political activists are often very active online – much more active than the average voter.

“He may be interested in politics, but has neither the time nor the desire to follow the latest events every minute on social platforms,” says Tschirren.

The background to Truth Social

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Trump started Truth Social after being banned from other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. He then committed to posting exclusively on Truth Social. In fact, he only posts content there dozens of times per day.

After Elon Musk took over Twitter and then renamed it X, Trump’s account was also reactivated there. At X, Trump still has over 87 million followers. At Truth Social there are a little less than seven million.

Donald Trump is the poster child of Truth Social. For many people, it is also the only reason for even having an account there. For now, he is committed to only posting content there.

Donald Trump’s circle says that the new presidential candidate no longer wants to renew this commitment to exclusivity in June. This would allow him to campaign on other platforms again during the hot phase of the presidential race.

That would be a serious blow for Truth Social, suspects Jürg Tschirren. “Without Donald Trump as an exclusive figurehead, the numbers at Truth Social would certainly decline sharply.”

A photo illustration of former US President Donald Trump's account on the social media platform Truth Social.


Truth Social does not publish numbers on active users. It is estimated that there are fewer than a million. For comparison: around 400 million people are said to be active on X every month. At Facebook it’s almost 3 billion.

Keystone/EPA/Will Oliver

According to the news channel CNN, monthly active users have already fallen by almost 40 percent compared to the previous year. Jürg Tschirren does not expect the numbers to increase. “I don’t see why they should go up sharply again in the future.” Especially not if Donald Trump withdraws his promise of exclusivity.

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