Turbulent trial in Georgia: Trump’s lawyers want to overturn charges because of the prosecutor’s affair

Turbulent trial in Georgia
Trump’s lawyers want to overturn charges related to the prosecutor’s affair

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Fani Willis is the prosecutor who is charging Trump with his attempted manipulation of the election results in Georgia. The Trump camp is trying to take the case away from her and overturn the proceedings. Willis now has to reveal details about her private life in a hearing.

In the trial against former US President Donald Trump in Georgia, his lawyers are continuing to try to focus attention on lead prosecutor Fani Willis. The court is now considering a request from Trump’s defense to drop charges of attempted election manipulation. Trump’s lawyers accuse Willis of “misconduct” over her affair with a special investigator she appointed. Willis sees himself as the victim of a smear campaign. The trial in Georgia is one of the most important of the numerous charges against Trump. After the 2021 presidential election, he is said to have asked the responsible returning officer, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, by telephone to “find” the 11,780 votes needed for him to win there.

In a court document, the Trump camp alleges that Willis had an “inappropriate intimate and personal relationship” with the special prosecutor in charge of the Trump case, Nathan Wade, and that he had a conflict of interest. Wade spent part of the $650,000 (€604,000) he received for his work on “lavish vacations” with Willis, including a Caribbean cruise.

Willis has acknowledged a “personal relationship” with Wade. This only began after he was hired for the Trump case in November 2021. The prosecutor explained that she and Wade also paid separately for their vacation together. However, her former colleague and friend Robin Bryant Yeartie testified in court that Willis and Wade had already entered into a romantic relationship at the end of 2019. Willis then accused her of “betraying” their friendship. Trump’s lawyers accused the prosecutor of spreading “lies” about her in order to discredit her. “This is extremely hurtful,” Willis said of being forced to reveal parts of her private life in the public court hearing. The event was also broadcast live on YouTube and the US broadcaster CNN.

Cases against Trump could be dropped

Judge Scott McAfee has scheduled two days for a hearing on Trump’s lawyers’ motion. The ex-president was indicted on 13 counts in Georgia last August for his attempts to subsequently overturn his November 2020 election defeat against current President Joe Biden. The elected president had, among other things, called for “finding” the 11,780 electoral votes necessary for a victory in the southern state in a now-famous telephone conversation with Georgia’s election director Raffensperger. In addition, the confirmation of Biden’s victory through false electoral votes in favor of Trump should be prevented.

The prosecution that Willis has been pushing for years is based, among other things, on a law to combat organized crime. The charges include conspiracy to commit forgery, conspiracy to make false statements, submitting false documents and incitement to violate an oath of office. If Willis is actually removed, that could have a significant impact on the case. It would then be up to her successor to decide whether the case against Trump and the remaining 14 co-defendants should continue.

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