Turn any smartphone or PC into a Google Chromecast with this app

The CastReceiver application allows to create a Google Cast receiver on Android compatible devices. In other words, on any smartphone, tablet or Windows 11 PC.

A video recorded locally on a PC and broadcast on Chromecast // Source: Frandroid

Google Cast is a very practical protocol when you are in the Google ecosystem. It allows, in particular from a smartphone, to easily and quickly broadcast photos, a video or a screen on a television. To do this, the latter must integrate the Google Cast protocol by running Android TV, or have a compatible device attached such as the Nvidia Shield or the Google Chromecast.

It still requires an investment. However, some Android devices such as the Google Pixel Tablet natively integrate the ability to be a Google Cast receiver. It is undoubtedly from this example that the CastReceiver application was born.

A simple application, but not without limits

It is the journalist Mishaal Rahman who shares this discovery with us on X (Twitter). The CastReceiver app is available on the Google Play Store. It allows very simply to transform an Android device into a Google Cast receiver. The test is free, but a stream of more than 5 minutes requires upgrading to the premium version at $3.99. Among the app’s limitations are the inability to stream DRM-protected content, i.e. Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and the requirement to unlock the receiving device before initiating streaming via Cast.

Source: Mishaal Rahman

Apart from multimedia applications, broadcasting by Google Cast also allows you to share a slideshow of photos, a professional presentation or more simply a Google Chrome tab.

The good news is that the application is also compatible with Windows 11, since Microsoft’s system allows you to install Android applications. It becomes much more powerful. This means that it is possible to turn a laptop or desktop PC running Windows 11 into a Google Cast receiver.

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