TV soaps: Hannes gives Mona a helping hand in "Rote Rosen"

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Hannes gives Mona a helping hand in "Rote Rosen"

"Rote Rosen": When Hannes mourns Vivien's heartless farewell, Mona spontaneously invites him to tea

© ARD / Nicole Manthey

In "Rote Rosen" Hannes helps Mona before her master craftsman examination. In "Sturm der Liebe" André swindles at Werner again. Daniela approaches her next victim of blackmail in "Everything that counts".

2:10 p.m., First: Red Roses

Thanks to Hannes' old contacts to the Chamber of Crafts and Vivien's Charme, Mona receives a special permit and is allowed to sell her shelf before she has completed her master craftsman's examination. Ben is deeply hurt that Walter and Tina have betrayed him, but also realizes his own guilt for the misery. Without further ado, he decides to do the operation and take the risk.

3:10 p.m., The First: Storm of Love

Lucy can't prevent her father from meeting the letter writer. Out of curiosity, she follows him to find out who the stranger is. André tricked Werner into thinking that Leentjes restaurant in Holland burned down and that he urgently needs money. Werner would like to help him, but he is currently in the process of loaning his shares for the spa hotel plans.

5:30 p.m., RTL: Between us

Sina and Bambi break off their surprising regrowth: They are divorced after all! But Sina has to admit that she wished that Bambi would have kissed her. After her embarrassing wandering, Leni avoids everyone. Paco realizes that Leni now urgently needs compassionate advice, so he gives her exactly that.

7:05 p.m., RTL: Everything that counts

Jupiter decides, against Richard's warning, to clear the table with Georg. Richard is very sure that Jupiter will make a really big mistake with this. Daniela has to work hard to successfully seduce Isabelle's next victim – but the man just doesn't seem to want to jump on it.

7:40 p.m., RTL: Good times, bad times

Lilly can't believe Nihat portrays her as a slut. Nihat's insight comes too late, however, and Lilly leaves him angry. He realizes that he totally screwed it up. He apologizes to Lilly. But that ends the affair. Tobias remains a mystery to Katrin. So it doesn't surprise her when Tobias simply disappears without a greeting. Katrin stays on the ball anyway and accepts the challenge of cracking Tobias shell.