TV Soaps: Maja makes an announcement to Florian in “Storm of Love”

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Maja makes an announcement to Florian in “Storm of Love”

“Storm of Love”: Florian can hardly hide his feelings for Maja.

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After his argument with Hannes, Maja Florian makes a clear statement in “Storm of Love”. In “Unter Uns,” Conor takes the blame for the drugs. At “GZSZ”, Philip Sunny tells of a failed online date.

3:10 p.m., The First: Storm of Love

After Florian’s confession of love, Maja keeps her distance. But the next morning he tries to talk to her and makes it clear that he thinks she still feels something for him. Maja Hannes then openly explains what happened. When Maja meets Hannes a little later in an argument with Florian, she loses her temper. Ariane comes back from her trip to her mother’s grave and meets Christoph in the hotel. This one cannot resist and provokes them.

5:30 p.m., RTL: Between us

The supermarket chain wants to add preservatives to the Weigel bread. Because they can’t come to an agreement with the best will in the world, Chris confronts his brother Till with a fait accompli. Conor takes the blame for the drugs. But Nika has a vague idea who she really owes the discovery of drugs.

7:05 p.m., RTL: Everything that counts

Justus is determined to get Richard the required two million and accepts Bastian’s unexpectedly risky proposal. Kim and Ben feel how much they will miss Vanessa and Christoph, especially since they both realize what a great friend Christoph is. Isabelle cannot let go of the memory of the beautiful eyes she last saw before she passed out. You have to know who is behind it.

7:40 p.m., RTL: Good times, bad times

While Nihat encourages Lilly to look ahead again, Jonas suffers because Lilly does not want to have anything to do with him at the moment. In his helplessness, he looks for ways to make amends for his faux pas. When Philip tells Sunny about an unsuccessful online date because the lady had wrong photos on her profile, Sunny feels reminded of the situation with Johanna. The more she knows that dating is all the more valuable in real life.