TV Soaps: Marian advertises for Lena in "Everything that counts"


2:10 p.m., The first: Red roses

Through an emotional encounter with Lilly, Carla questions her decision to stop chemo more and more. She wants to continue the treatment. Torben wants to banish Tina from his life, and sometimes paints her wallpaper. In his affect, he even threatens Claudia with a complaint about disturbance of the dead rest. Ben persuades her to scatter Willi's ashes. But she just can't let go of Willi.

3:10 p.m., The First: Storm of Love

Annabelle gets scared and books a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires. But to her horror, she oversleeps the flight. At the same time Michael receives the result of the autopsy. The Sonnbichlers are shocked: When they wake up the next morning, their caravan is no longer in front of their house, but on an abandoned meadow in the middle of nowhere. They quickly realize that they are far away from any civilization. What happened?


5:30 p.m. RTL: Between us

Britta's talent for improvisation is in demand when Benedict's price can no longer be found. But the disappeared price is Benedict's least problem. After a dispute with Bambi and left alone in practice, the overwhelmed Sina swaps two medications – and puts Robert in danger. Vivien has to recognize that Chanel is more exhausting than expected. But she did the calculation without the help of the WG.

7:05 p.m., RTL: Everything that matters

Simone and Richard very much hope that Jenny will forgive them after they wake up. Vanessa is worried that Jenny could withhold permanent damage. Marian has no idea that his mother is pushing Lena to tell him the truth. Instead, he plans to win Lena back with a big gesture.

7:40 p.m., RTL: Good times, bad times

Leon cannot let Nina's accusation sit on him and gives her contraindications, which is why Nina angrily follows him into the freight elevator. To make matters worse, the decrepit elevator gets stuck while the two are hotly expressing their opinions. Lilly quickly gets over her guilty conscience and shame. Agitated, she contacts her therapist and confides in Philip. With cold anger, he confronts his superiors.