TV tips: An obscure case for Commissioner Winter

TV tips
An obscure case for Commissioner Winter

Jana Winter (Natalia Wörner) and Brauner (Martin Brambach) in "Under other circumstances: Beyond death"

© ZDF / Manju Sawhney

An illegal autopsy poses problems for Commissioner Winter in "Under other circumstances" (ZDFneo). In "Honig im Kopf" (Sat.1), the girl Tilda kidnaps her grandpa, who is suffering from dementia, to Venice.

8:15 p.m., ZDFneo, Under Different Circumstances: Beyond Death, Crime

Jana Winters (Natalia Wörner) on her first day as head of her new area of ​​operations in Flensburg is anything but smooth. In the middle of the night Matthias Hamm (Ralph Herforth) secretly dug up the body of a former friend in the cemetery and had it autopsied. The responsible public prosecutor is raging. But Hamm's instincts did not deceive him. Nicole Seidel did not actually die of natural causes. The case is particularly explosive because 15 years ago Nicole was the main witness in a case involving a missing girl.

8:15 p.m., Sat.1, honey in the head, tragic comedy

When Tilda's (Emma Schweiger) grandpa Amandus (Dieter Hallervorden) has to move into a home because of his Alzheimer's disease, because her parents Niko (Til Schweiger) and Sarah (Jeanette Hain) do not want to look after him at home, the ten-year-old kidnaps the old man without further ado. Because she knows of his greatest wish: to see Venice again, the city where Amandus met his great love, who has since passed away. The two embark on an extraordinary journey.

8:15 p.m., 3Sat, Die Diplomatin – Abduction in Manila, political thriller

Karla Lorenz (Natalia Wörner) was put on the "siding" in the Foreign Office – but only temporarily. Because her experience with hostage liberation and good local contacts predestine her for a special assignment in the Philippines: Two Germans are missing there, who may be in the hands of Muslim rebels. Karla quickly finds out in Manila that some things have been withheld from her in Berlin. The alleged vacationers were involved in illegal arms deliveries from Germany.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, Inga Lindström: The other daughter, family melodrama

One day Jette (Paula Schramm) receives the message: Shortly after the birth, she was exchanged for another girl in the hospital. But the unknown family blocks all attempts at contact. Jette, who takes care of her blind father Henrik (Leonard Lansink), really only wants to get to know her birth mother. But the entrepreneur family Borgen puts the lawyer Steffen Kronberg (Max Woelky) on Jette. He should keep them away from company assets.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Who is stealing the show from Elyas M'Barek ?, Show

Elyas M'Barek stole the show from Thomas Gottschalk last week. He is now from a candidate to the moderator of Joko Winterscheidt's quiz show. M'Barek will make his moderation debut on ProSieben. A special prize awaits: Whoever wins the final will get the title page of the "Witzigen Rätsel-Karussell", a specially published puzzle magazine that will be available in stores from February 3rd.