TV tips: Deadly conspiracy in “Blind Determined”

TV tips
Deadly conspiracy in “Blind Determined”

“Blindly determined – buried alive”: Niko (Andreas Guenther, left), Haller (Philipp Hochmair) and Laura Janda (Jaschka Lämmert) consult.

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In “Blind determined” (Das Erste), ex-Inspector Haller is caught up with his past. “Doktor Ballouz” (ZDF) takes care of two seriously ill teenagers. At RTL, actor Henning Baum takes a look behind the scenes at the police.

8:15 p.m., Das Erste, determined blindly – buried alive, crime thriller

There is a day that changed the life of ex-commissioner Alexander Haller (Philipp Hochmair) forever: on October 17, 2017, he lost his fiancée Kara and his eyesight in a bomb attack. When a mysterious note appears on a murder victim with exactly this date, his successor Laura Janda (Jaschka Lämmert) asks him for support. However, there are tensions between the commissioner and her former mentor, because Haller believes in a conspiracy that he finally wants to uncover.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, Doktor Ballouz, drama series

Dr. Ballouz (Merab Ninidze) treats two teenagers in the clinic who have one thing in common: the prospect of a life in a wheelchair. While Cara (Farina Flebbe) is already dependent on this, the symptoms of Lukas (Lennart Betzgen), who has multiple sclerosis, are getting worse and worse, so that he too is suddenly in a wheelchair. The idea of ​​no longer being able to walk pulls him into a deep hole. Dr. Ballouz brings the two together because he believes they can help each other.

8:15 p.m., RTL, work for Henning Baum – behind the scenes of the police, report

Role reversal for Henning Baum: The actor became known as a robust TV commissioner, now he takes a look behind the scenes of the police. He accompanies the Saxon police on missions and speaks to police officers and their families, but also to citizens and critics. What does it do to the people in the uniforms that they themselves are repeatedly targeted in the service of the citizen?

8:15 p.m., VOX, Passengers, Sci-Fi Romance

To repopulate a planet, thousands of people are sent on a galactic journey by spaceship. Due to a malfunction, Jim (Chris Pratt) is awakened too early from the artificial deep sleep and tries to come to terms with the loneliness on the ship from now on. After a year of complete isolation, he makes a fatal decision and brings the pretty passenger Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) out of her hypersleep.

8:15 p.m., WDR, crime scene: fainting

A punch in the face puts Max Ballauf (Klaus J. Behrendt) out of action. On the way home he had witnessed a brawl in the subway station and immediately intervened. When Ballauf regains consciousness, the perpetrators have escaped. The victim, the music student Manuel Sievers, died a short time later in the hospital from his injuries. The juvenile suspects will soon be identified. But they reject all guilt: the student provoked the argument, they claim.