TV tips: Heino Ferch gets into a mafia feud

In "The Trace of Murderers" (ONE), Heino Ferch alias Commissioner Thiel gets into a mafia feud. In the "Lions' Cave" (VOX), a toilet brush with a lotus effect will be presented. In "NVA" (MDR) two completely different recruits have to survive their military service.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, The Murderer's Trail, crime thriller

Late at night, Antonio Russo (Antonio Putignano) leaves his restaurant with the last four employees. Suddenly two people appear with submachine guns and open fire. The experienced SOKO chief investigator Ingo Thiel (Heino Ferch) is ordered to the scene of the crime immediately, because it quickly becomes clear that the assassination attempt is related to the Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia. Thiel immediately set up a special commission – but none of them is a mafia expert. Interpol therefore provides them with support from the Italian special investigator Carla Orlando (Verena Altenberger).

8:15 p.m., VOX, The Lion's Den, founders' show

The brothers Jan-Peter and Andres Psczolla are the founders of "LOOMAID". Behind it is a silicone toilet brush. Thanks to its lotus effect, it should be easy to clean the brush. The brothers want to conquer the market with their design brush. To do this, they need an investment of 200,000 euros and are willing to give 20 percent to a strategic partner. Do the lions smell big business here?

8:15 p.m., The first, unknown Madgascar: In the realm of the ring-tailed lemurs

Ring-tailed lemurs are at home in Madagascar's extremely dry regions. They encounter the hostile conditions imaginatively. Ring-tailed lemurs are among the most adaptable lemurs. They live in family groups and yet there are strict hierarchies. Bachelors are on their own and have to fight to find a place in a new family. In some places they have to share the territory with the largest predator on the island: the Fossa, a lemur hunter!

8:15 p.m., ONE, it happened in broad daylight, psycho thriller

The convicted peddler Bock (Heino Ferch) finds the body of nine-year-old Gretel in the forest and is therefore under urgent suspicion himself. At the last moment, Commissioner Matthäus (Joachim Król) saves Bock from the angry mob. But the case is withdrawn from Matthew. Bock is supposed to be transferred to the city, but farmer Moser (Michael Mendl) shoots the alleged murderer of his daughter in front of the station.

8:15 p.m., MDR, NVA, military comedy

The sensitive Henrik Heidler (Kim Frank) is drafted into the NVA (National People's Army) at the end of the 80s and tries to make the most of the coming 18 months. Already on the first day he meets the rebellious Krüger (Oliver Bröcker), who is not afraid of confrontations with the officers and is the exact opposite of Henrik. The two buddies fight their way through the tough everyday life in the army. As if that weren't enough, Henrik falls in love with the daughter of a colonel, of all people.