TV tips: Mariele Millowitsch is “Klara Sonntag”

TV tips
Mariele Millowitsch is “Klara Sonntag”

“Klara Sonntag – Small fish, big fish”: The experienced probation officer Klara Sonntag (Mariele Millowitsch) confronts Judge Thomas (Bruno Cathomas)

© ARD Degeto / Frank Dicks

The probation officer “Klara Sonntag” (Das Erste) has to do with a snooty ex-millionaire. In “Power Rangers” (ProSieben) five young people become superheroes. VOX later shows the revenge epic “Kill Bill”.

8:15 p.m., Das Erste, Klara Sonntag – Small fish, big fish, drama

Everyone deserves a second chance – there is no doubt about that for the experienced probation officer Klara Sonntag (Mariele Millowitsch)! On the arduous path to the prescribed improvement, nobody can fool her so easily. Who, if not her, could get the insolent bankruptcy fraudster Merle Scheffler (Nadja Becker) on course? That’s what judge Thomas Aschenbach (Bruno Cathomas) thinks, who has had an affair with Klara for 15 years and knows her stubbornness like no one else. He gives her the care of the snooty ex-millionaire.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Power Rangers, Action

Five ordinary American small-town high school students are selected and given unique skills. Your task is to save the world from destruction by the alien Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) and her alien army. But the Power Rangers only have a few days to learn how to use their new powers.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, Der Alte: Deceptive Love, Crime

The morning after the opening of a cultural meeting place in Munich, Robert Tillich (René Geisler), the house’s architect, is found dead. Voss (Jan-Gregor Kremp) and his team find the club’s treasury empty. Was Robert the victim of a robbery? Barbara Wegmann, the chairwoman of the association, and her colleague Astrid Mayr (Anna König) do not believe that anyone could target the popular architect.

8:15 p.m., arte, In truth: In another life, crime thriller

Chief Inspector Mohn (Christina Hecke) investigates a rape. Barbara Falk (Anja Kling) was apparently drugged and abused in her house by knockout drops. While her male colleagues doubt, Judith Mohn is convinced that the victim is telling the truth. A suspect must be released in the absence of evidence. It wasn’t until five years later that it became clear that this was the right track.

10:45 p.m., RTLzwei, Kill Bill – Volume 1, epic revenge

The former contract killer with the code name “Black Mamba” (Uma Thurman) decides because of her unborn child to turn her life inside out and to turn her back on her mission. She flees to Texas and starts a new life. But you can’t just get out of the killer squad “Deadly Viper”.