TV under 50 inches: a year later, the LG 48C1 becomes our best value for money

Already impressive in quality when it was released in 2021, would the LG 48C1 have improved over time? Although it has lost a star in the meantime due to many new references on the market, the fall in its price makes it our best value for money in the TV segment under 50 inches.

“The LG 48C1—the 48-inch (122cm) version of the LG 55C1 we tested—is flawless for the LG 48C1—which, like its predecessor, is one of the most polished TVs on the market.” Our editorial team had no lack of praise to qualify the LG C1 during its passage through our lab. And if it was not immediately our best value for money in the 48-inch television segment, due to the release price, it ended up becoming one in June 2022.

It displays a perfectly calibrated image in SDR and HDR, very wide viewing angles and infinite contrast. The LG 48C1 will suit both movie buffs and video game enthusiasts thanks to its image quality, its flawless responsiveness and the integration of essential functions to enjoy the latest game consoles (HDMI 2.1, 4K 120, VRR) .

We can also mention its still efficient α9 processor, or its Oled Motion Pro system which is just as good. Its only weak points noted during our test are quite anecdotal: the absence of backlighting on the remote control and a peak of brightness in HDR mode which is always lower than that of the best LCD televisions.

However, the price of this television has dropped since its launch. Released at a price of 1399 €, the LG 48C1 gleans its title of best value for money from our comparison on models under 50 inches by being displayed at prices now oscillating around 900 €. For information, the LG 55C1 – 55 inches (140 cm) therefore – is also displayed at less than 1000 € and can clearly be worth it if you have the space.

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