TVT announces spiritual successors to Freedom Wars and Patapon

Led by Japan Studio and Shift veteran Toshiyuki Yasui, this new Japanese studio whose initials stand for Tokyo Virtual Theory is at work on two titles that pose as spiritual successors to Freedom Wars (Project Shaz) and Patapon (Project JabberWocky). .

Produced by Toshiyuki Yasui, who also worked on the God Eater franchise in addition to Freedom Wars, Project Shaz will therefore be a multiplayer action game in the vein of these two cooperative titles that made the heyday of Sony laptops.

Producer: Toshiyuki Yasui (God Eater, Freedom Wars)
Screenplay: Tomokazu Fukushima (Metal Gear Solid, Freedom Wars)
Director: Kenei Nakasha (.hack//GU, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle)
Art Director: Rin Kususaga (Lord of Vermillion, Fate/Grand Order)

Besides being made by Hiroyuki Kotani, Patapon’s lead designer, Project Jabber Wocky counts in its ranks Kenmei Adachi, former composer of Japan Studio notably credited on Patapon. So it doesn’t seem too much to expect this new rhythm action game with cute characters to follow in the footsteps of this PSP trilogy.

Director: Hiroyuki Kotani (Patapon, Devil Dice, Mad Maestro, Sky Gunner)
Producer: Kazuto Sakajiri (The Eye of Judgment, Magatsu Wahrheit)
Sound: Kenmei Adachi (Patapon, LocoRoco, Gran Turismo)
Main artist: Nelnal

These first two titles are being developed at the same time as the Theory Engine, an in-house work tool which intends to specialize in the production of large-scale online games and which TVT also intends to market to other studios. No platform was specified for Project Shaz and Project Jabber Wockybut TVT seems to be targeting all platforms, from consoles to smartphones to PC.

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