Tweed: This is how we style the trend material in autumn

Everyone loves tweed: The trend material is making a brilliant comeback this autumn. Influencers free the fashion classic from its dusty image and preferably wear the wool material in a striking all-over look – copy and paste once please! Because we want the ultra-stylish looks too!

Hands up: who thinks of classy Chanel costumes or British aristocratic looks when they hear tweed? The world's fashion professionals are currently proving that the trend material can do a lot more and can be styled in an ultra-multi-faceted manner. Do not you think? Then let these cool outfit inspirations convince you of the opposite.

The fashion classic reissued

Who invented it? The Scots: The robust, originally hand-woven wool material was supposed to protect the body from the rough weather on the island. Once upon a time, tweed was preferred by men for hunting, fishing or golfing until it began its triumphal march into the international fashion world.

Influencer's fashion favorite

Not only the British upper class (including the Queen) are tweed fans, the influencers also keep pulling out the classic. At the moment, fashionistas can't get enough and prefer to style tweed in an all-over look.

What's new: The classic tweed suit à la Chanel has been given a modern twist. Top and skirt are becoming scarcer – if it has to be a skirt at all. Short tweed shorts are much cooler.

New mom Ann-Kathrin Götze proves that the opposite also works well. It combines an XXL blouson with a matching tweed mini.

Billie Eilish's unforgettable Oscar style is even more idiosyncratic: she gives the classic Chanel two-piece suit her signature oversize look.

Mix 'n match

If the classic is still a bit too conservative for you, try a mix of materials: in combination with leather elements, the classy look is broken cool. We love the combination of a good tweed dress with leather pockets and rough boots by blogger Victoria Laura Frankhauser!

Statement piece

But it doesn't always have to be a complete look: tweed also works as the main actor. And this cool combination of a boxy tweed jacket with jeans and chucks shows us that the classic can also look extremely stylish in the sporty version:

Or how about a tweed blazer, like with actress Valentina Pahde?

Or would you prefer a dreamy girly style with a pastel-colored tweed cardigan?

As you can see, the styling options are endless! Which outfit inspo should you implement first? But autumn is long enough to test your way through the different looks and find your favorite …