TweetDeck will disappear from Macs next month, and the future of the tool worries

Pierre Crochart

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June 02, 2022 at 08:00


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For Whom the Bell Tolls asked the writer. Today, the answer is all found. It rings for TweetDeck, the famous customer Twitter which makes life easier for many users thanks to its highly customizable interface. Finally, only on Mac, don’t worry.

TweetDeck will of course remain accessible from an Internet browser. But it will become impossible to download the version desktop on Apple computers. Those who already have it on their machine will no longer be able to update it from 1er next July.

Paving the way for a new application… paying?

It is, logically, on Twitter that TweetDeck announced the news yesterday. According to the development team, this decision was made so that it could focus on making TweetDeck better and testing Preview “.

“Preview” is the name of the new version of the tool, to which more users will be able to obtain access during the summer, adds TweetDeck.

But, it will be understood, everything will now be played on the web version of the famous client. An announcement that does not delight the regulars of the tool, who deplore in response to the tweet the disappearance of a fast and functional native application.

In addition, the announcement of the day raises a major concern. According to programmer Jane Wong, who had access to the Preview version of TweetDeck last March, Twitter is considering restricting access to the tool to Twitter Blue subscribers. A paid formula, which offers various advantages (bookmark folders, a “cancel” button when publishing a tweet, etc.).

An Unsurprising Disappearance

The demise of TweetDeck for Mac hung in his face. The longevity of the tool is even quite impressive, when we remember that its Windows counterpart was closed in 2016.

The history of TweetDeck itself is one of the most rowdy. Launched in 2008, it quickly became the most popular third-party client among fans of the social network. So much so that in 2011, Twitter bought it for around $40 million.

Since then, however, things have plummeted. In 2013, the two mobile applications of TweetDeck were scrapped, and the tool amputated various functionalities which notably made it possible to self-publish tweets on Facebook.

Left fallow for years, TweetDeck may finally experience a new lease of life in the form of its new version. But, if it became paying, and its interface were to displease the greatest number, it could also put a foot in its grave for good.

Moreover, know that alternatives exist. We particularly recommend Tweeten, which is available on both macOS and Windows and from a browser.

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