Twitch: Amouranth earns even more money than before and it’s not thanks to the hot tubs!

This end of the year will have been eventful for the star of the Twitch Game, but after having freed herself from the grip of her toxic husband, Amouranth finally finds the life she wants. The streamer has managed to break up with her tormentor, and she is finally free to offer her community the content of her choice. So it goes through less hot tubs, and more real hard-core gaming !

“I do what I want, and I always make seven figures at the end of the month. Life is better.”



Goodbye hot tub?

Amouranth had been in a very toxic relationship for years, and her recent breakup caused her to review her Twitch lineup. The streamer is therefore surprised to do a lot less hot tub streams than before!

Amouranth explains on Twitter that this summer, more than half of his stream time was devoted to hot tubs. This month, his allotted Jacuzzi time is a mere 10%. The streamer thus streamed more Overwatch 2 than hot tubs in November. A magnificent snub to those who accused him of not changing his content since his breakup.

Still massive revenue

Amouranth explains on his networks that his Twitch income has not changed while the star has drastically reduced his weekly hot tub time. There too, it is a fine demonstration launched in the face of his ex-tormentor who, as reported by Kotakuforced her to unwillingly launch a large number of hot tub videos“.

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