Twitch: Eleven years later, Cyprien and Cortex put an end to one of YouTube’s biggest clashes

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If you spent some time on the YouTube FR of the 2010s, you have no doubt heard of the legendary clash between Cortex and Cyprien. MonsieurDream was well established on the platform at the time thanks to his podcasts on various subjects which launched a real trend on the platform, at least on the French-speaking side. As for Cortex, or “Cortex 91 the Pyramids” for those close to him, he created a buzz in 2010 thanks to various videos, assumed clashes addressed to the YouTube idol of the time, Cyprien.

Of course, the latter also responded with a clash which had the effect of a bomb and accumulates today over 49 million views. “Cyprian Responds to Cortex”, released in 2011, affirmed the rivalry between the two figures of French YouTube. Despite the fact that this clash has died out over the years, it has never been forgotten… Not long ago, the two legends were finally able to make peace.

When Zen rhymes with reconciliation

You will understand, it does not really rhyme. But it’s during the Zen show (whose episode two of its second season aired last Monday) that Cyprien was able to bury the hatchet with Cortex. Zen, presented by Maxime Biaggi and Grimkujow, welcomed cult internet personalities but set the bar even higher for its second season with Bigflo invited for the first episode, then Cyprien for the second.

In the middle of the show, the YouTuber was treated to a nice surprise when he saw the curtain rise: his nemesis Cortex, with whom he was able to make peace. A beautiful sequence which proves to us that despite the clashes, love always triumphs!

Of course, Cortex like Cyprien were aware of what was going to happen and were both ready to finally end this clash. which lasted more than 10 years. It was in the crazy setting of the Zen show that they decided to officially bury the hatchet, to the delight of their communities, who have been celebrating their reconciliation for a few days.

A wind of peace is blowing on YouTube FR

Cyprien and Cortex reconciled, it’s unheard of. Next October 1, Cyprien’s cult video will celebrate its 11th anniversary and since then, water seems to have flowed under the bridge. For Cortex, this had already been the case for a long time. For an interview with MCE-TV in 2018, he revealed that he enjoyed his internet nemesis, saying: “Cyprien I like him, his clash made me laugh!”.

Now, Friendship Bracelet wearers have proven to their communities that love is stronger than war. A beautiful message disseminated thanks to the initiatives of Maxime Biaggi and Grimkujow, who ended a 10-year conflict in minutes.

GIF: Corentin Boutrige

One thing is certain, this reunion will have marked the history of French YouTube by ending this mythical conflict. Since then, the networks have been on fire and the veterans of the Internet are delighted to see the situation evolve, which they experienced 10 years ago. Yes, this reconciliation also proves to us that time flies…


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