Twitch game news: GTA 5, LoL, Fortnite, here is the list of the most viewed games in 2021

Game news Twitch: GTA 5, LoL, Fortnite, here is the list of the most viewed games in 2021

Twitch is undoubtedly a staple of modern video games and the trends that emerge from it represent those of the general industry, in broad outline. For this year 2021, the big winner has something to surprise… or maybe not.

Twitch has grown tremendously in recent years, it goes without saying: nowadays, Amazon’s platform is a particularly powerful tool for promoting modern culture and its rise is not about to slow down. And although its democratization is gradually developing, in particular by focusing on subjects other than video games, the latter continues to predominate: one only has to look at these few statistics to prove it. realize.

GTA 5 even stronger than League of Legends and Fortnite on Twitch

The observation is edifying. Eight years after its release, Grand Theft Auto V (which includes GTA Online) continues to hit the mark, even winning Twitch’s most viewed game award in 2021 with 2.1 billion hours on the clock: the only category ahead of it is not even that of a video game since it is “Just Chatting”. Rockstar once again asserts its domination and it is inevitably impressive: as much to say that one understands completely why the developers wish again to bring their goose that lays the golden eggs on PS5 and Xbox Series.

Behind the GTA 5 bodybuilder, we find other majors of the Tenth Art: League of Legends with 1.8 billion hours watched or a certain Fortnite and its billion hours recorded. Unsurprisingly, the big popular names in video games share the rest of the rankings, although they are all several years old. The most viewed new franchise on Twitch turns out to be New World, Amazon’s MMO, placed in 18th position.

Top 10 most viewed categories on Twitch in 2021

  1. Just Chatting: 3.1 billion hours viewed
  2. Grand Theft Auto V: 2.1 billion hours watched
  3. League of Legends : 1.8 billion hours watched
  4. Fortnite: 1 billion hours viewed
  5. Valuing: 949 million hours watched
  6. Minecraft : 880 million hours watched
  7. Call of Duty Warzone: 858 million hours watched
  8. Counter-Strike Global Offensive: 757 million hours watched
  9. Apex Legends: 691 million hours watched
  10. Dota 2: 578 million hours watched

Twitch, video games and more

By the way, let us note that Twitch has experienced very good progress this year with 24 billion hours watched against 17 billion in 2020, a 45% increase. There is no doubt that the efforts of the platform, combined with confinements and the rise of digitization, go hand in hand.

As mentioned previously, even if the Tenth Art remains a major topic, Twitch in fact casts a lot wider: the simple discussion session between the streamer and his audience remains in pole position (3.1 billion hours, we remind you), far ahead of casino gambling (287 million hours), the music (267 million), Sports (167 million) and other categories.

Suffice to say that we are curious to see where all this will lead, especially in the face of competitors who continue to progress slowly: we can for example quote YouTube but also Facebook, which in 2021 and via its Gaming section, increased its audience by 47% with a total of 5.3 billion hours viewed.

Top 10 most viewed non-gaming categories on Twitch in 2021

  1. Just Chatting: 3.1 billion hours viewed
  2. Slots: 287 million hours watched
  3. Music : 267 million hours watched
  4. Sports: 165 million hours watched
  5. Art: 128 million hours watched
  6. ASMR: 111 million hours watched
  7. Talk Shows and Podcasts: 91,000 hours viewed
  8. Pools, Hot Tubes and Beaches: 43,000 hours viewed
  9. Science and technology : 28,000 hours viewed
  10. Travel and Outdoor: 28,000 hours viewed

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