Twitch will ban the broadcast of gambling

The Amazon platform issued a press release this morning:

“Gaming broadcasts on Twitch have been the subject of heated discussion within our communities and internally following our latest review of the Rules and Terms of Service. Today, we want to clarify our action plan. Although we prohibit the sharing of links or referral codes to any slots, roulette or dice game sites, we have seen people circumventing these rules putting their community at risk.

We will therefore update our rules on October 18 to prohibit the distribution of gambling sites, which includes slot machines, roulette and dice games that are not authorized in the United States or all other jurisdictions with sufficient legislative protection for the consumer. These sites include,,, and We reserve the right to extend this list in the future.

However, we will continue to allow sites focusing on sports betting, fantasy league sports and poker.

We will share an update of our position on gambling shortly, explaining the points of regulation so that everyone is up to date on this point before October 18th.

Let us recall that it is technically possible, and it is moreover a technique used by the editors of gacha games, to pay a streamer to broadcast a game while providing them with bonuses to alter the odds in their favor. The public will then believe that it is easy to have a lot of luck, and that the expected gains are much higher than they actually are. Nothing prevents gambling platforms from doing the same. We told you about this subject almost two years ago in a survey on advertising and sponsorship on Twitch.

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