Twitch: Zerator, Jeel and Tonton will compete in wacky and very French challenges!

Summer is not over and that, Sixen understood it well! On August 27, real Twitch FR Olympiads will be organized, with maximum sunshine and very southern challenges. Enough to make us forget that the holiday season is (unfortunately) coming to an end.

The Six Olympiads of the Perfect Southerner!

Sixen is, as many say, a pure product of the south. Proud of his region and the beauties of the Mediterranean coasts, he founded the TeamduSud, an esports team that gives its opponents a hard time. Southerner to the end, the streamer has decided to organize a grandiose event, around the sun and petanque, Everything we love.

On the program of the Six’Olympiads of Sixen, sun and good humor but also six events that the guests will have to take up in teams. Level guests, there is heavy: ZeratoR, Gius, Jeel, Tonton, Narkuss, Wakz, Slipix, Peyjeym, Kennystream, LyeGaia, Marex, Kennys, Areliann, JulietteArz as well as two other mystery guests!

Eight duets will therefore compete in these famous Olympiads, the events of which are for the moment kept secret, although we suspect that pétanque will be at the rendezvous.

Responses from the community have been overwhelming and the event seems to be highly anticipated. This is an opportunity for streamers to represent their regions, whether they are from the south or other areas of France. We hope that the sun will also be present to encourage the guests (or make them sweat as you wish).

How to follow the Six’Olympiads?

The event will be broadcast next Saturday August 27live from the Twitch channel of Sixen. One thing is certain, the streamers will give everything to win this very southern competition, and we will be there to encourage them!


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