Twitter is running out of employees

Excitement about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been limited outside of the crypto space. However, the expectations from the camp of Bitcoin, Ethereum and especially Dogecoin fans were high. After all, the self-proclaimed Memecoin fan and self-proclaimed “Dogefather” has been flirting publicly for months with the possibility of integrating crypto payments into the social network after the takeover, introducing DOGE tips and a wallet. However, given the current turmoil at the company, which Musk says burns $4 million a day, those announcements are getting a bit of a backseat.

Shortly after the Tesla boss had settled into the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco with a sink joke on the day of the takeover, Musk began his large-scale restructuring and, as a first step, fired the company’s management team. The highest-ranking lawyer was even escorted out of the building. A step that undoubtedly heated up the minds of the employees. Because Musk quickly announced that jobs would also be cut for them – on a large scale.

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Twitter: Elon Musk lays off large part of the workforce

Musk wanted to cut 3,700 jobs a good two weeks ago and immediately began to put his plan into action. The mass layoff was followed by a class action lawsuit. Also to avoid such a legal dilemma in the future, Elon Musk sent an email to the entire Twitter workforce about a week ago, in which he gave the employees an ultimatum: Either they clicked “Yes” and thereby agreed to put in enormous strains, a lot of overtime and extraordinary achievements for “Twitter 2.0” if they would not want to be fired – all for the same salary. Or they clicked no, left the company, and received a severance payment equal to three months’ salary.

The problem for Elon Musk: The overwhelming majority chose the latter. As Futurism reports, the newly minted Twitter boss is falling now panicbecause he didn’t expect it. George Orosz, a Silicon Valley-based developer close to Twitter, told the portal that so few developers fell for Musk’s “bluff” that Musk is now desperately trying to prevent them from leaving the company: ” I’m not sure Elon realizes that unlike rocket scientists who have relatively few opportunities to work, [Entwickler] with the experience of building Twitter can only have better opportunities than the conditions he is now outlining,” Orosz said.

And so it remains to be seen whether Elon Musk will be able to convince some of the developers who have now thrown in the towel of the opposite. It still looks bad: As reported by the BBC, among others, the Twitter headquarters have now closed their doors due to the mass layoffs and will not be accessible to the workforce until Monday. A Twitter worker who asked to remain anonymous told the BBC that fewer than 2,000 staff would remain as of Monday. Before Musk’s takeover, it was 7,500.

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