Twitter lets you write 25,000 character tweets, but there’s a condition

A Twitter official announced today that the character limit for each tweet has been raised to 25,000. But not for everyone, because to take advantage of this new privilege, you will have to checkout.

Credit: 123rf

It was the engineering director of Twitter herself who announced the news today on the social network: “We have increased the long Tweet limit from 10k to 25k characters. Enjoy longer tweets and tweet merrily! ?”. The most talkative Internet users will now be able to feed their followers with long, even very long, stories, since they will have the equivalent of nine pages in A4 format full to express themselves.

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When Elon Musk took control of Twitter for $44 billion, the limit of characters you could post at one time was set at 280. American-Canadian businessman, the character limit is one of the parameters that has seen the most transformations in recent months. She went to 4,000 in February 2023 then 10,000 two months later.

Only Twitter Blue followers will be able to take advantage of 25,000 character tweets

The most frequent users of the platform will be delighted to take advantage of this new freedom; but there is a small catch. The ability to use up to 25,000 characters is for Twitter Blue members only“a premium subscription service that promotes quality conversations on Twitter”.

For a monthly rate ranging from €9.6 to €11 depending on the platform on which you register, you will get the famous blue tick, and additional features such as tweet editing, less intrusive ads, the grouping and organization of tweets in folders, or even a slight boost in the rankings of tweets you interact with. Will this news restore Twitter’s former popularity? Nothing is less certain, Twitter has lost 2/3 of its value since the takeover by Elon Musk.

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