Twitter’s legal team allegedly accuses Elon Musk of breaching a confidentiality agreement

The social network would have criticized him for having revealed the size of the sample used by the company to verify the extent of the phenomenon of fake accounts on the platform.

Yet another twist around the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk. This Saturday, the boss of Tesla explained that he had received a call from the legal team of the social network, accusing him of having “violated a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)by revealing the size of the sample used by the company to verify the extent of the phenomenon of fake accounts present on the platform.

On Friday, Elon Musk sparked a wave of panic in the markets by announcing that the takeover of Twitter was temporarily suspended “awaiting details on the calculation that fake accounts and accounts that spread spam [sur la plateforme] actually represent less than 5% of users» totals. The entrepreneur said to himself, however,always committedin the redemption process.

A few hours later, Musk added that his team was going to study a “sample of 100 accountsto verify the company’s calculation. Asked by a user about this method, the businessman clarified that he had “chose 100 as the sample size because that’s what Twitter uses to calculate that 5% fake/spam“. A statement that visibly displeased the social network, since it was confidential information…

Sunday morning, a few hours after this message, Musk again questioned this figure of less than 5% of false accounts, explaining that he had never seen an analysis establishing it. “Chances are that there are more than 90% daily active users […]. It is very surprising that the most popular tweets of all time were liked by only 2% of daily active users.“, was surprised the entrepreneur.

The announcement of the suspension of the takeover, even temporary, had caused the share price of Twitter to collapse by more than 25%. If the action has since recovered slightly, one thing is certain: this takeover is definitely not like the others…

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