two complaints filed for death threats


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According to Le Parisien, two complaints were filed by “several participants” from Koh-Lanta targeted by death threats.

Since its launch in 2001, Koh-Lanta has had a series of audience successes. But in recent seasons, the adventure program has aroused a surge of hatred. Indeed, on social networks, Internet users frequently attack adventurers whom they do not appreciate and sometimes criticize the actions of the latter on the camp. Régis, a former candidate, had notably confided that his daughters had been threatened with rape. It is clear that since the elimination of Teheiura for cheating on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, the finding has become even more alarming.

The production, which offers psychological support and legal assistance to candidates exposed to these threats, would like to react: “Despite the many appeals for calm, the adventurers of Koh-Lanta continue to receive insults and death threats. No adventurer has denounced Teheiura on the fact that he received food on the camp. Teheiura alone confessed his moment of bewilderment. No event related to this game gives the right to send insults, threats and hate messages. We strongly denounce this kind of behavior and advise adventurers to file a complaint ” Adventure Line Productions says in a post on Tuesday. According to information from Parisian, unveiled Friday, November 19, 2021, two complaints have already been filed in recent days by “several targeted participants”By death threats.

Koh-Lanta: several complaints filed for death threats

Coumba had already filed a complaint for insults and death threats. The investigation is ongoing. “The negative messages arrived from the first episode, it climbed crescendo then. The deeper, racist insults occurred from episode 4 or 5. It’s easy, behind a computer, to describe what you want. I lodged a complaint to show that we can be punished ”. However, she realized that, in three-quarters of the cases, the author of these insults were “minors”. Christelle, the target of death threats, also filed a complaint on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Online harassment and death threats carry penalties of up to 3 years imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.

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