two free games available, go for it!

Amazon Prime Gaming is giving subscribers a new gift with these two free games available today. Players love them, so you should go for them too.

What’s more fun than playing video games for free? Playing without penetrating your wallet is possible, and not just by taking advantage of the many free-to-play options available on the market. Thanks to offers from different online stores, you can collect free games every week. The Epic Games Store and GOG regularly treat players, but they are not the only platforms to offer such gifts. Amazon Prime Gaming also allows you to have fun without spending a cent. As of today, the platform is offering two very good titles to its subscribers.

Two popular games offered to Amazon Prime subscribers

Right now, Prime subscribers can grab two great games for free thanks to Amazon Prime Gaming. The first should please sci-fi fans who have not yet delved into Starfield. It is Dexter Stardust: Adventures in Outer Space, a point’n click in which you play as the eponymous hero, Dexter Stardust. Your goal is to save both humans and the Vreesians, a species that has sent a fleet of robots to destroy all life on Earth. The game does not lack humor and its beautiful artistic direction could catch the eye of many players. You can get the title for free today and play it via the Amazon Games App.

The second title offered is called Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate, a name that might not mean much to you. However, you would be wrong to miss out on this very popular software. This rather unusual chess game should put your brain to the test, since you find yourself alone facing all the white pieces. “ In turn-based, you will either have to shoot the opposing pieces, or reload your rifle, or move your king and reload at the same time. Avoid checkmate, and eliminate the enemy king to complete the level » can we read in the description of the game. The tone is set.

Shotgun King has 15 difficulty levels in Story mode, an Endless mode and a Hunt mode. Enough to keep you busy for long hours. To grab these titles, simply head over to the official Amazon Gaming page. Before diving into these two games, let’s remember that you can always recover Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy And Ozymandias until October 18.

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