two games from April 2024 confirmed, mega heavy!

Surprise. Sony has just confirmed one of the first games for PS Plus Extra and Premium in April 2024. It will be an independent game that caused a sensation last year.

The three new games of the month are available now for all PS Plus subscribers. In April 2024, Sony still offers a rather eclectic mix headlined by Immortals of Aveum. The magical Call of Duty from the EA Originals label did not have the expected success, but it will ultimately be discovered by millions of players. Alongside it, Minecraft Legends, a spin-off combining strategy and action, then the excellent independent platformer Skul: The Hero Slayer. PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members will be entitled to around ten additional games in a few weeks. Surprise, we already know one of them and he’s a real gem.

The first PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium games confirmed

This is the little surprise of this Tuesday afternoon. Without warning, Sony has just confirmed the first games which will be included in the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog for April 2024. The first is particularly awaited by certain players and which will therefore be available at no additional cost to subscribers of these two formulas during its release on April 16, 2024. No need to prolong the suspense any longer, it will therefore be the excellent Dave the Diver which will join the PlayStation Plus catalog upon its release on PS5 and PS4.

This unique aquatic adventure combines exploration and management of a sushi restaurant while adding gameplay loops, narration, characters and mini-games that have delighted players and critics. More concretely it is divided into two stages. Up to twice a day, you explore a dungeon populated with hostile fish and items to win. At nightfall, you put on your best apron to serve your loot to customers. Add to that original mini-games like seahorse races and you get a crazy mix that works wonderfully. In short, a good little relaxing game to discover as soon as it is released with PlayStation Plus Extra. In terms of lifespan, allow at least 24 hours to complete the game, and around fifty hours in total to complete absolutely everything.

A huge new release

The PS5 version of Dave the Diver will also offer an increased sensory experience thanks to the features of the DualSense. “ Explore the sea depths and feel subtle vibrations during the different mini-games available!», Promise the developers on the PlayStation blog. Already available on Nintendo Switch and PC, Dave the Diver has been a real critical and commercial success. At the start of the year, this first game from PlayStation Plus Extra for April 2024 passed the symbolic bar of 3 million sales. Not bad for a production of its caliber.

The second PS Plus Extra & Premium game for April 2024 is a very big surprise since it is Tales of Kenzera ZAU. The new “EA Originals” production which will try to break through like other games in this category have been able to do, like the fabulous It Takes Two. This time, we have a 2.5D Metroidvania action game with still magnificent artistic direction. At the controls of Zau, the player will explore the sublime but dangerous lands of Kenzera. A journey, inspired by the myths of Bantu cultures, to become a spiritual healer and free tormented souls. To support this very solid DA, the game will rely on the music of Nainita Desai (Telling Lies). This will be available upon release on April 23, 2024, via PS Plus Extra & Premium.

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