two games killed following layoffs, a scandal

Xbox is closing several of its studios and at the same time, cleaning up its game catalog and it hurts. For the players (for everyone in fact), it’s a scandal.

It’s hard to miss the sad news, just yesterday (at the time of writing), the Xbox branch announced the closure of no less than four studios. A massacre which had the effect of a bomb. The company defends itself by talking about difficult decisions, restructuring and concentration of efforts, but nothing works. By closing four studios, including two particularly popular ones, Arkane Austin and Tango Gameswork, Xbox shot itself in the foot on all levels. And with that, the company threw two games in the trash which will be disconnected before their time, a disaster.

Xbox kills two games including a very big exclusive

Two titles still played by some fans. The first is none other than Redfall, a big cartridge from 2023 which received a mixed reception. Developed by Arkane Austin, Redfall was to receive many more updates. One of them was planned for this May, others were to add heroes and a lot of content by the end of the year. But that won’t be the case.

Monitoring of the game is simply stopped although the servers will still remain active for the moment. Redfall is still put to death, left abandoned for the few remaining fans. And for those who paid a lot more for the ultimate edition and who were hoping for a return on investment (since that’s what it ultimately is) well they will only have their eyes to cry. Xbox has set up a refund campaign, but that’s it, there will be nothing.

A second popular game is forced to stop everything

Second game to be shot down in mid-flight, Mighty DOOMa mobile game in the vein ofArchero. Mighty DOOM is a roguelite where you must survive numerous dungeons filled with monsters by gradually improving your slayer. The game met with a little casual success and continued to run and make people happy, but not visibly enough since the game is now condemned. From the beginning of August, it will permanently close its doors and cut off its servers. It’s over.

Without a doubt, many plans will be disrupted with the closure of all these studios. It is not yet known how many people will be affected by the layoffs. Nor how many will be redeployed in other structures in the Xbox branch. But whatever it is, it’s a page that turns. And like every time we have this kind of news, it hurts.

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