Two kilos sold – heroin dealer caught in disgusting garage

Six Afghans are said to have sold more than two kilograms of heroin and other prohibited substances in Salzburg over several months. One of the hubs may have been the disgusting garage, which once shocked locals and holidaymakers alike.

Blood, pigeons, places where people had defecated. “Horror Cabinet” did not really do justice to the conditions in the now closed garage in the Salzburg CityCenter (Elisabeth-Vorstadt) – the “Krone” reported several times. The multi-storey car park has now been closed since February. Old syringes found there called the police investigators into action. In doing so, they obtained information about an Afghan group of perpetrators who are said to be dealing in heroin and cocaine in the city of Salzburg. He was found with 200 grams of heroin. As a result, five other suspects were arrested. Curious: only one had a regular job and even sold the drugs at work! In total, the sextet is said to have sold at least two kilograms of heroin and over a kilogram of cocaine. During house searches, the police seized 350 grams of heroin and 150 grams of cocaine. In addition, a cash amount of around 14,000 euros. This is how the perpetrators financed their livelihood, and they also transferred part of the money to their home country. A total of 60 regular customers of the six drug dealers were traced.
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