Two missing ski tourers found dead

Two ski tourers have been missing between the Safiental and Vals since Saturday. In the evening they were found dead in an avalanche cone.

The Riedboda area below the Piz Tomül, an avalanche cone on the right.

Graubünden cantonal police

tsf. A 34-year-old alpinist and his 22-year-old companion started at 5 a.m. on Friday morning from the Turrahus mountain inn in Safien Thalkirch and climbed the Piz Tomül on skis. Around noon, the two were seen by other ski tourers on the summit, as the Graubünden cantonal police announced on Sunday.

When no further reports were received from the two on Saturday, relatives alerted Rega and the police. During a search flight, signals from avalanche search devices were received in the “Riedboda” area on the Valser side.

Towards evening, the two missing persons were located, but only dead from the avalanche cone at an altitude of just over 2000 meters, the police said.

Together with the public prosecutor, the Graubünden cantonal police are clarifying the exact circumstances of this avalanche accident.

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