two morons united against the absurdity of the world


Despite himself superheroes (Philippe Lacheau and Fifi’s gang) Wednesday, February 2, The stars (Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais, duo known as the Palmashow) a week later! Chance thus brings together two national representatives of pataphysical humour, which could be defined as the monstrous synthesis of bewildered French comedy (like Les Charlots) and regressive American comedy (like the Farrelly brothers). If they share the same territory, the two groups – cultivated by the Canal+ of the 2000s – are not necessarily white hats and white hats. While Fifi’s band cultivates burlesque and pure jokes, the Palmashow, now haloed with a more film-loving public by its performance in the excellent mandibles (2020) by Quentin Dupieux, operates with a more notable reflective and critical aim.

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The stars Brilliantly demonstrates this, between satirizing mass distribution and demolishing television games, these caudine forks of tricolor triviality. So we are somewhere in France, nowhere specific, it rotates between the shopping center, the suburban area and the TV studio. Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) and Stéphane (David Marsais) are two employees of a household appliance store that puts its employees in competition to better enslave them. They cannot be seen in paint. Daniel, a failed singer who still believes in it and keeps the rock’n’roll attitude, is the bad part of the duo, facing Stéphane the maniacal bean and permanent holder of the title of “best employee”.

Conquest of TV game sets

When the wave of dismissals breaks, Daniel, the first target, manages to have Stéphane accused of stealing a laptop, so that he can accompany him in his craziest project to date: the conquest of the plateaus of TV games. Daniel has indeed judiciously noted that Stéphane, in his gentle anesthesia of a model salesman-consumer, indeed knows by heart all the prices of all salable objects in the household appliance field. He hopes ipso facto to derive a substantial profit from it by presenting the man who is becoming, if only out of interest, his best friend, on the program “Prix à tout prix”.

A variation on Andy Warhol’s correct prediction: “everyone will have the right
fifteen minutes from world stardom”

Stéphane, who did not see the maneuver, accepts wearily, to finance the nursing home from which he threatens to dismiss his elderly father. This is good, because on the side of those responsible for the show, we are delighted to have two cretins of this ilk to restore a little dynamism to a program that purrs. Fred Costa, host-star of the chain, finished bastard and idol of Daniel, sees the thing with a less favorable eye, fearing to be eclipsed by the two morons. He therefore manages to evacuate them from the game, but they return to the set of another game, still hosted by Costa, in which Daniel can give free rein to his talent as a singer, before triumphantly integrating the program. reality TV show “La Villa des confidences”.

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