two of his ministers are also authors of best-selling erotic books


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Emmanuel Macron’s government has two successful authors. Their favorite style? Erotic novels!

Since his first term, the President of the Republic has tried to surround himself with heterogeneous people. Thus, among his ministers or ex-collaborators, we can count a doctor (Olivier Véran), a tennis player (Amélie Oudéa-Castera) and two authors of successful erotic novels. Indeed, among the government of Elisabeth Borne, two members distinguished themselves in erotic literature, signing however under a literary pseudonym. Their nomination made their anonymity impossible.

Thus, the one who wrote “Dare to love rounds”, “Dare to sexfriends”, “How to turn your guy into Brad Pitt in 30 days” and “Sex, lies and hot suburbs” is none other than Marlene Schiappa. To carry out her double life as a writer, the Minister Delegate for the Social and Solidarity Economy and Consumer Affairs wrote under the name of Marie Minelli. The pot-aux-roses had been discovered by The Express in 2007, when he arrived in the government of Jean Castex.

Brigitte Macron’s favorite then received a mixed reception from the political sphere and from journalists. To which she replied: “I have a colleague in government who is known to have written a Harlequin novel.. Him, we never winnow him with that and we don’t talk to him about it. We find it a bit normal: ‘it’s naughty, but it’s okay, he’s a man, he has the right’” before pointing out injustice and sexism of this situation : “I find that the difference in treatment and the way people are shocked when they learn that I was able to participate in this type of literature also illustrates a form of sexism“.

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Marlène Schiappa and Bruno Le Maire, authors of erotic books

In addition to Marlene Schiappa, another minister ventured into erotic literature. Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy put his writing talents at the service of Harlequin editions, a while ago “a twenty years“. He repeated the experience in 2004, in a much more cautious way this time.

At the time, Bruno Le Maire was Minister of Agriculture under Nicolas Sarkozy and released the book “The Minister”. “I let myself be overwhelmed by the warmth of the bath, the light of the lagoon which came to float on the mirrors of the door, the green tea soap, and Pauline’s hand which caressed me gently…“, he wrote. Who said that politics did not rhyme with eroticism?

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