Two rappers with a bad name? This is one of 8 Mile’s many mistakes!

Michel and Michel embark on a battle of false connections around the film carried by Eminem.

February 9, 2020, Eminem sets the Oscars on fire by performing Lose Yourself on stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. The whole of Hollywood is standing and moving on the flow of the one who did not come to seek his Oscar in 2003, when the song won the statuette for Best Original Song for 8 Mile.

Twenty years after the release of the film, Michel & Michel look back (in their own way) on 8 Mile and the fate of Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith, which partly revisits the true career of the rapper in the battles of Detroit. And if the rhymes of Eminem are – obviously – unplayable, the false connections of the feature film by Curtis Hanson, them, did not escape the technical specialists of AlloCin√©.

Two characters called by the real name of the actors, shoes or a cap that transform, a reflection of a cameraman in a window: it’s heavy, very very heavy, and you can see it in the video above !

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