Two Tyroleans as victims – ripped off with a promise of prizes and a daughter trick

And again a “daughter” took a lot of money from a trusting woman from Innsbruck (69). The current wave of fraud with the nasty “son-daughter trick” doesn’t stop in Tyrol. But an Unterlander (45) was also ripped off with flimsy profit pretenses.

On Tuesday, the 69-year-old reported to the police that she had made several transfers to an unknown person. “The perpetrators credibly posed as their daughter in distress via WhatsApp, which is why the woman transferred the money,” the police said. Several thousand euros are probably gone. Never transfer money without a countercheck: try to reach the person concerned personally. Contact the person concerned by calling them back on the phone number you normally use. Do not use the messenger service’s voice call feature to contact us by phone. Do not pay/transfer under any circumstances and consider whether the transfer is plausible for the person concerned (reason for payment, amount, etc.). Do not give out any access data or your bank details. Report the sender of the messages to the relevant messenger service and block the number. If damage has already occurred, report it to the next police station. Internet acquaintances were scammers But crooks also made money with a fake promise of profit. They persuaded a 45-year-old, whom they wrote to via an online social network, to deposit several installments on a cryptocurrency platform. Damage of more than 1000 euros was caused within a week. “After several transfers, all contacts broke off,” explains the executive.
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