Two-wheeler technical control: the Council of State urges the government to apply it within two months

The technical control of two and three-wheelers is not new, since the European Commission has imposed its implementation on the Member States since 2014. Seized in summary proceedings by three openly anti-biker associations, the highest French administrative court has just give the government two months to introduce the controversial measure.

If the Council of State had agreed with the three associations Ras-le-Scoot, RESPIRE and Paris without a car from May 2022 to apply the measure from October 2022, the implementation was delayed. The state was considering a “light control” from June 2023, for the modest sum of around fifty euros. The executive will have to move up a gear to define the outlines of this measure, which will have to be specified “in the next few days”i.e. before August 2023.

Between the discontent of motorcyclists, who meet regularly in many French cities to protest against technical control, and the pressure exerted by militant environmental associations, this measure should not help to ease the tensions underway in France.

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