Two years after its launch, the SVoD Salto service already threatened

Is the “French Netflix” already living its last days? Launched with great fanfare in October 2020, the SVoD service founded by TF1, M6 and France TV would be in the hot seat, according to information obtained by the daily The world.

Limit breakage

In an article published on November 13, 2022, our colleague Aude Dassonville explains that the platform’s shareholders should meet soon to decide on the future of the streaming service. made in France. The site is still far from being profitable and the sacred union between the major French television channels is showing serious signs of weakness.

Last March, France TV was already considering releasing its shares in Salto, cooled by the potential TF1-M6 merger. Broken by the competition authority, the latter did not take place, but the disengagement of the public service channels still seems relevant. TF1 would also be skeptical about the future of Salto, evidenced by the indiscretions published by The letter a. As for M6, the chain takes refuge in a hardly reassuring silence.

Salto does not demerit

Salto is not, however, the failure that some anticipated. The platform reaches an age group traditionally distant from conventional television, posts honorable viewing times and estimates that it will be able to reach one million subscribers by the end of 2022. We are far from the scores of Netflix or Disney+, but for a nascent platform, “It’s almost miraculous”loose a source interviewed by The world.

Despite everything, Salto seems severely threatened and could be sold to a third party (for what purpose?), liquidated or saved in extremis by a new investment by the three founding companies. This last option is not unimaginable, but would be expensive at a time when France TV, TF1 and M6 are going through a difficult period.

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