Two years after the disappearance of a young Breton, the investigation skates

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It’s been over two years since Céline Vervaele mysteriously vanished without leaving a trace behind. Despite the resources deployed to try to find the trace of the young Breton, no serious lead has allowed the investigators to move forward in this case.

But where is Celine Vervaele? While new disappearance cases are regularly emerging, the mystery remains unsolved in this case. On March 13, 2021, Cécile Vervaele left her home in Rennes, Brittany, without a phone, identity papers or credit card.. A departure considered strange by his relatives which led to the opening of an investigation for worrying disappearance. Two years after the facts, the investigation skates.

Indeed, despite the investigations carried out and the many resources deployed to try to find the 29-year-old young woman, the investigators have still not put their finger on a serious lead in this case. While the hopes of the families to see their loved ones again are dashed in the case of the disappearance of Leslie and Kévin after the discovery of their bodies, the entourage of the young Breton continues to hope. But as the wait passes, the hopes of finding Céline Vervaele safe and sound gradually fade.

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A disturbing departure

The departure of the young woman from her home without her personal belongings is a disturbing detail in this case for the investigators. Another element raising questions, a letter discovered the day before the day of the disappearance of the young woman at her home. Obviously written by Céline Vervaele and intended for her companion, this document evoked a relationship with an old acquaintance of the young woman. These are the only elements on which the investigators were able to rely to carry out their investigations. The established profile of the victim did not make it possible to identify any lead that could advance the search. Environmental activist, Céline Vervaele is from the town of Anould, located in the Vosges. The young woman settled in Rennes where she had lived for seven years.

Her ecological commitment had prompted Céline Vervaele to mobilize against the real estate project to expand the training center at the Rennes stadium. A struggle led by the young woman with her 51-year-old companion at the time of the disappearance of Céline Vervaele. A few days after his disappearance, the police conducted searches. With the help of divers, the investigators looked for the trace of the young woman who went missing in the Vilaine near Prévalaye. An operation renewed in May 2022, which unfortunately did not make it possible to get hold of the young woman. The judicial information for kidnapping and forcible confinement remains open.

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