U2P and unions agree on a text

The extensions played by the Union of Local Businesses (U2P) and the unions have borne fruit. The employers’ organization – which defends traders, craftsmen and the liberal professions – and employee organizations agreed on a draft agreement on the universal time savings account (CETU) following a session negotiation, Tuesday April 16 afternoon. The meeting was organized at the request of the U2P after the failure of discussions between social partners “for a new pact for life at work”which ended Tuesday April 9.

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While CETU was on the negotiating agenda, the system was immediately dismissed by Medef and the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CPME), judging it as a gas factory which would pose new constraints on businesses. The two organizations also refused to participate in Tuesday’s meeting.

The CETU, demanded for a long time by the CFDT and a campaign promise by Emmanuel Macron, aims to grant break times to workers during their careers. Each employee would have an open account that could be supplemented with paid vacation days, up to one week per year. And U2P considers that it can play in favor of the attractiveness of small companies.

“The draft agreement will no longer move”

The compromise with the unions was expected since a first text had already been discussed. However, certain details had to be reviewed, particularly at the request of the CFDT. The subject was resolved in barely three hours, a sign that the positions were not very divergent. “The changes we requested have been made, welcomed Isabelle Mercier. We were rather heard. » According to the negotiator of the Cedetist central, “the draft agreement will no longer move”.

Anne Chatain, of the French Confederation of Christian Workers, also expressed her “satisfaction with this negotiation, even though we had not had the opportunity to discuss it” during the talks “for a new pact for life at work”. Although Force Ouvrière has often expressed skepticism on the subject, its representative, Hélène Fauvel, believes that “as long as it doesn’t destroy existing rights, why not”. “Some are absolutely keen to do so, we have no intention of bothering them”she added.

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The changes made to the text mainly concern the length of seniority necessary to be able to use your CETU. There is none if he is mobilized to help a loved one, but it has been set at twelve months in the case of civic engagement or retraining, and thirty-six months for all other reasons.

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