Ubeeqo sanctioned by the CNIL for the permanent geolocation of rented vehicles

In a report dated July 21, the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (Cnil) notes that the vehicle rental company was geolocating cars in “quasi-permanence”. Ubeeqo noted the position of each rental every 500 meters, but also knew each time the engine turned on and off and also when doors opened or closed.

If the company defends itself by explaining that this data is used to “ensure the maintenance and performance of the service” or to help a customer in the event of an accident, the Cnil judges for its part “that none of these purposes justifies such fine geolocation data collection” because “such a practice is indeed very intrusive in the privacy of users”.

Intrusive data kept too long

These geolocation data deemed abusive were also kept by Ubeeqo. These were kept for the duration of the commercial relationship with a customer and then for three years after the end of the vehicle rental. Information about users who have been inactive for eight years has also been found.

If keeping certain data can be useful, in this specific case the Cnil “considers that such a retention period is excessive because it does not correspond to the strict needs of society”. Especially since customers were also not well informed about this collection of data concerning them. A point that Ubeeqo rectified in its registration form during the commission’s investigation. The rental company is therefore forced to pay a fine of €175,000 which has been made public.

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