Ubisoft announces The Division 3

A series of open-world online tactical shooter video games set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a smallpox pandemic, “Tom Clancy’s The Division”, published by Ubisoft, will be enriched with a third part which has just been released. ‘be announced.

Released in 2016 and developed by the studio Massive Entertainment, Tom Clancy’s The Division took place in a post-apocalyptic New York, two weeks after the rapid collapse of the United States, following the spread of a virus through bank notes during an event called Black Friday.

The player played as one of the members of the Division, a group of government agents, dormant then activated, responsible for “taking back” the city of New York, quarantined since the incidents, given over to looting and violence . A bit like a sort of New York 1997 version 2.0…

Building on the great success of this first opus, which seduced with its nervous gameplay of TPS shooter cover and its dark universe in a devastated New York, Ubisoft did it again three years later with a sequel, this time taking place in Washington.

If the title did not lack solid assets like its predecessor, as we talked about, The Division 2 performed less than the first part, to the point that a new chapter had become very hypothetical.

Ubisoft / Massive Entertainment

We were obviously wrong, since the publisher has just announced the development of The Division 3still under the auspices of the Massive Entertainment studio. “We may have 40 million players, but The Division franchise is still in its infancy. There are still plenty of stories to tell, places to discover, and people to save.” commented Julian Gerighty, who will oversee the development of the game, in the press release accompanying the announcement.

With more than 700 people, Massive Entertainment has truly become in a few years a major and colossal pillar of Ubisoft, in charge of several very large projects developed at the same time. It is this studio which is also at the helm behind the game Star Wars Outlaws, expected for early 2024, and on which Julian Gerighty is working. But also the game Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora, developed in partnership with Lightstorm Entertainment, James Cameron’s company, and which is due to be released on December 7.

A new trailer was also revealed a few days ago…

We remind you for form that the adaptation of The Division, which is to be directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, is still supposed to arrive soon on Netflix. A painful gestation, since we are already the third director to land on the project, which is not moving forward an inch, and yet has been announced for years. It’s a shame, given the great potential of such a license and its pitch. At this rate, one might wonder if The Division 3 won’t come out until…

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