Ubisoft shuts down the Jabba the Hutt controversy from Star Wars Outlaws

Faced with the start of controversy linked to the inclusion of a bonus mission of Star Wars Outlaws behind the Season Pass, Ubisoft wanted to reassure about the presence of Jabba the Hutt. He will be a central character in the game’s story, and there will be no need to pay more.

Ubisoft calms down the game. The studio spoke about the bonus mission of Star Wars Outlaws, in which Jabba the Hutt, one of the most iconic characters of the cinematic saga, is called upon to play a notable role. This mission, reserved for those who purchase a more expensive edition of the game containing the Season Pass, will be “ optional “.

To be clear, Jabba and the Hutt Cartel are one of the main cartels in Star Wars Outlaws and part of the core experience, regardless of which edition you purchase. », assures Ubisoft, interviewed by Eurogamer on April 16. It will not be necessary to pay more to cross this key antagonist of the films Star Wars.

In other words, the optional mission is therefore an additional bonus to fuel the Season Pass and make fans want to buy it. As a reminder, it will allow you to obtain two large extensions at Outlaws in the years to come.

Star Wars Outlaws // Source: Ubisoft
Star Wars Outlaws. // Source: Ubisoft

Ubisoft reassures about the presence of Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars Outlaws

The prospect of having to pay to experience an encounter with Jabba the Hutt has sparked an outcry. among players. Many stepped up to denounce what increasingly seemed to be a questionable commercial maneuver to direct more customers to Game Pass. Despite everything, it remains criticized: such a mission should not be blocked by a Season Pass – especially for a game that already costs €80 on PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

Ubisoft’s wording, however, suggests that the mission will perhaps end up being accessible to everyone. “ An exclusive mission with Jabba available on release day », We can read on the Season Pass presentation website. The most expensive editions of Star Wars Outlaws also allow you to play three days before release – August 27, instead of the 30.

The objective of this little adventure provided by Jabba will be articulated around a debt of ND-5 (a commando droid turned bodyguard) towards the boss of the underworld. Obviously, he asks for a refund and Kay Vess, the heroine of Star Wars Outlawswill have to help.

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