Ubisoft takes stock of upcoming releases in its 2023 fiscal year and discusses a potential takeover

This Thursday, February 17 marked the release ofAssassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection on Switch, but it was above all this date that had chosenand Ubisoft for communicate their results quarterly to its investors, ending on December 31, 2021. Well, nothing particular to complain about in financial terms, the publisher is doing quite well and made 746.1 million euros in net book value. Admittedly, this is a drop if we compare to the same period last year with 1.001 billion euros, but it remains in line with expectations and strong growth is expected for the 4th quarter, in particular thanks to the rich back catalog games.

More interesting for us, Rainbow Six Extraction surpasses 5 million unique playersi.e. 2 million more than at the end of January, thank you Game Pass and the Friend pass ? far cry 6 ranks 5th among premium games released in 2021 on playstation and Xbox according to several estimates, while Riders Republic was treated to a strong reception from the players compared to steep.

You will also notice that the company has highlighted the assets in his possession with its multiple licenses, and this is probably not trivial since the question of a possible takeover has been raised following the acquisition ofActivision-Blizzard through Microsoft. Yves Guillemot stated during the conference call that took place thatUbisoft could remain independent thanks to his extensive portfolio, while indicating that it will examine possible offers in the interest of shareholders and players. No wonder, this is a fairly neutral and typical discourse, but which changes all the same from the declarations of the time when Vivendi sought to take over the publisher via a hostile takeover while he wanted to remain independent… Ah, and obviously, not a single word was spoken about the NFT which are so controversial, so much the better?

And about the future? Well, the next fiscal year stretching from April 2022 to the end of March 2023 has in store for us the launches of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope (pre-order at €59.99 per Fnac), strangely absent from the recent Nintendo DirectofAvatar: Frontiers of Pandorawhich we haven’t seen yet in terms of gameplayand of Skull & Bones ! Yes, it looks like the long years of complicated development of the project are coming to an end soon. The game should have an open world and would be primarily focused on multiplayer. Short, wait & see, Ubisoft only reaffirms what he had already stated during his previous report, making it clear that other “exciting games” are also planned for this fiscal year. The supposed project Assassin’s Creed Rift will it be part of the lot?

The remake of Splinter Cell is also mentioned, but without further unpublished information, as well as the opening of the Sherbrooke studio or the question of offering a more inclusive workspace… Nothing really new in the end, we will probably have to wait spring to see unpublished announcements flourish, so as not to change.

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