Ubisoft takes strong action

In June, many voices were raised to denounce sexual harassment at Ubisoft. The French company reacted quickly by taking strong measures.

It can sometimes take weeks for a company to take action after employees report sexual harassment from co-workers. In mid-June, a Liberation investigation revealed the situation at Ubisoft, followed by a wave of testimony, and the reaction was rather rapid. This week, Yves Guillemot, CEO and co-founder of the French video game firm, sent a letter to his employees to announce the measures that had been taken.

Ubisoft has therefore taken sanctions against its employees accused of harassment or assault. This is the case of Maxime Beland, vice-president "Editorial", based in Toronto in Canada, who resigned "with immediate effect", says AFP. "However, we are continuing our investigation into the allegations against him ", says Yves Guillemot. Tommy François, vice-president "Editorial and creative services", based in Paris, was "placed on protective layoff, pending the conclusions of the investigation concerning him". Toronto employee also fired "for having behaved contrary to what Ubisoft expects from its employees".

The measures taken by the French firm do not stop there. "Other investigations are continuing, and will be carried out with all the rigor required", promises Yves Guillemot, who wants "a structural change". "We cannot tolerate inappropriate behavior in the workplace and we will continue to take disciplinary action against anyone who exhibits harassing, discriminatory or any other behavior that violates our Code of Conduct", says the CEO of Ubisoft.

The head of the company then addressed those who had spoken. "I would like to say to those who spoke or who supported colleagues: you are heard and you are helping to drive the necessary changes within the company. […] We are not aiming for adjustments to the What we want to implement is a structural change within Ubisoft, fully in line with our values ​​which do not tolerate toxic behavior and ensure that everyone feels safe to express themselves ", he wrote.

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