Udo Lindenberg: For the rocker, the audience is “essential for survival”

Udo Lindenberg
For the rocker, the audience is “vital”

Udo Lindenberg will be on tour again in May 2022.

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Udo Lindenberg has been on stage for decades. During the pandemic, he realized “how vital the audience is to me”.

The corona pandemic has hit the cultural world hard in recent years. Legendary artists like Udo Lindenberg (75) are also struggling with the conditions. “In the many years that I’ve been making music, I’ve never felt so clearly how vital the audience is to me,” says the rock musician in an interview with “Spiegel”. His abstinence from the concert stage is the “hardest withdrawal”.

Lindenberg also explains why he did not appear in the drive-in cinema like some other artists. “Small locations cause stress,” says Lindenberg. “Tens of thousands of people would have stood on the street in the hope of somehow getting in. The black market prices would have exploded. I don’t want to do that to anyone.”

“Just cold cameras, that’s not for me”

Likewise, exclusively streamed performances are not for the rocker, since he lacks “the direct energy connection with my panic family”: “Only cold cameras, that’s not for me.” Fortunately, this connection should be reestablished soon.

From next May, Lindenberg and his crew will go on a big “Udopium Live 2022” tour. Numerous performances are planned, including in Stuttgart, Bremen, Dortmund, Cologne, Leipzig, Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. According to current planning, it starts on May 24th in Schwerin. The last concert of the tour is scheduled for July 10th in Mannheim.

in the As part of the tour announcement, Lindenberg said in early November, the “damn pandemic” “stole all of us the planned fat panic parties. But now everything is finally clear again – see you again!”


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