Udo Lindenberg: Singer leaves Hotel Atlantic due to corona crisis


Singer Udo Lindenberg (73, "Stronger than Time") does not currently live in the Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg, which has been his home for 26 years, as "Bild" reports. "Udo is in a secret place to survive the corona crisis," the paper quotes his manager. According to the report, the musician could have stayed in his private wing of the hotel, which is currently closed due to Corona, "but without service".

Emotional words on Instagram

Meanwhile, Udo Lindenberg shows his pictures on Instagram under the motto "I stay at home". There he also shared an emotional statement, in which it reads, among other things: "The world is full of our ass and we are right in the middle .. but it is not sagging. Our buddy hope is still there, and carries us through difficult times". He also urged his fans to stick together and stay at home when possible.


"So that we can recheck our system, …, that we can finally appreciate and pay the decent people who keep the shop going !! Nothing works without you. See and appreciate this now. And thanks to all of you are in solidarity !! because good times are waiting behind all the black clouds, "said the singer.