Udo Walz: Three hair wisdoms that we learned from the star hairdresser

Even if we recently had to say goodbye to star hairdresser Udo Walz, we will remember him forever as a person. And with him also his incredible know-how about his great passion: hair. We have summarized Udo's three most important hair wisdoms.

Hair was his life: There was almost no German celebrity who Udo Walz (†) had not already visited in his hairdressing salon in Berlin. From Barbara Becker to Sophia Thomalla to our Chancellor Angela Merkel – they all entrusted Udo with their hair. But he was also regarded as a luminary in his field for less prominent customers.

Fortunately, the star hairdresser was happy to share his expertise and know-how; he wrote his own book and gave some expert interviews. We have summarized his three most important hair wisdoms that will stay in our memory forever.

Tip 1: Use anti-frizz products

Because the hair cannot store enough moisture, the surface roughened up faster. They become dry, shaggy, or form frizzy hair. As Udo Walz once revealed in an interview, anti-frizz products should not be missing in any bathroom cabinet. They supply the hair with moisture, fill porous areas and protect against drying out. At the same time, they prevent hair from becoming statically charged and sticking out. Whether serum, conditioner or shampoo: It is important to buy the products that are compatible with each other and to use them regularly.

Tip 2: Always style your hair gently

According to Udo Walz, there is no more important tip than using moisturizing products, especially when dealing with straightening irons, curling irons, hairdryers and the like. A moisturizing spray in particular works wonders, according to the star hairdresser. A big advantage of the spray is that you can put it in your hair 15 minutes before going to bed and leave it on overnight. Or spray generously into your hair in the morning after blow-drying, is an uncomplicated way of preparing your hair for the stresses of the day. Another tip from the hairdresser: "I also recommend depositing a moisturizer at work to my customers. There you always tend to have dry hair – especially because of the heating in winter."

Tip 3: Use scissors if you need to

Even if it sounds a bit harsh: But once the hair is broken, care products no longer help, according to Udo Walz: "Once the hair breaks, the hair actually has to be cut," Walz explained in an interview. The situation is different with damaged hair: "The cuticle can indeed be restored with structure-building products," said the star hairdresser. The easiest way to do this is with products containing keratin. Because keratin is a natural building block that accumulates in the fiber flake layer. Udo Walz reveals that it not only repairs brittle areas, but also gives the hair new shine and suppleness.