UGM-8’s Best Warzone Class

The UGM-8 is one of the new weapons in Warzone Season 4. Here are the accessories and assets to prioritize to allow this machine gun to wreak havoc.

Each seasonal update brings a host of new content to the battle royale, and Warzone Season 4 is no exception. From the new map, Good Fortune, to the transformation of Caldera through new modes, there is plenty to do.

Not to mention the new Battle Pass which is filled with new skins to unlock, but also new weapons including the UGM-8. Available from day one, the UGM-8 is a rapid-fire LMG that emphasizes mobility over brute force. During the presentation of the Pass, the developers indicated that this weapon excels at flushing out players.

While it has only just landed on the battle royale, this new machine gun already seems to be doing wonders with a K/D of 1.1 and a win rate of 3.47%. Of course, as more players unlock her, those numbers will even out. Here’s how to equip it to try to illustrate yourself on Warzone.

Best Loadout Attachments for UGM-8 in Warzone

  • Stuffy : Recoil Booster
  • Glasses : G16 x2.5
  • Stock : Stock removed
  • Cannon accessory : Handguard m1941
  • Ammunition type: elongated
  • Charger : Magazine of 45 cartridges of 6.5mm Sakura
  • Rear handle: Polymer handle
  • Asset 1 : Gung Ho
  • Asset 2 : Fully charged

The UGM-8 already has great mobility for a weapon of its category, which allows it to be formidable, however it needs small boosts to shine. This class will boost the UGM-8’s firing speed and accuracy.


The UGM-8 is one of the new weapons in Season 4.

Best perks to use with Warzone’s UGM-8 class

  • Minesweeper
  • Overkill
  • Boosted
  • Semtex
  • Stim

Explosives tend to seriously hamper Caldera players, threatening to earn them a one-way ticket to the Gulag. In this case, Minesweeper prevails. To get out of the game, Overarm is a safe bet that will allow you to pair the UGM-8 with a short-range option.

Finally, Boosted will allow you to switch more quickly from one weapon to another, so that you never find yourself in an awkward position.

When it comes to gear, the Stim and Semtex continue to be particularly popular on Warzone. Their ease of use coupled with a usefulness that is verified in a large number of cases make them essential equipment.

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