Ukraine: After the bombing of a hospital, doctors are busy saving what they can

Nicolas Tonev (special envoy to Bakhmout)

While the Ukrainian army recognized on Monday a complicated situation in the Donbass, precisely north of Bakhmout, the municipal hospital of Druzhkivka, in the same region, was the victim of bombardments by Russian troops. Europe 1 went to the site where the damage to the establishment is considerable.

Ukraine recognizes this Monday a complicated situation north of Bakhmout in the Donbass. This city is at the heart of the fighting where the Russian army claims to have taken possession of a new village. Europe 1 went about thirty kilometers from the front line, to Druzhkivka precisely, where the municipal hospital was severely affected.

Casualty evacuation

On the establishment, the damage is impressive. Dozens of meters from the blown buildings, a wide and deep crater was caused by the explosion. It is in shock that the assistant administrator recounts her night of rescue. “We were hit by a missile. There were no fatalities among the patients in the hospital, but there are injuries. As we practice surgery here, there are injured people in permanent care that the we evacuated and now we are going to try to save equipment and the building”, she specifies.

Doctors would have died in this bombardment, however, it is not said officially. The loss of this hospital is detrimental because it could accommodate many wounded, civilians or soldiers, who came from the nearby fighting.

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