Ukraine: American aid blocked in Congress “could not change anything” in the fighting, according to the Kremlin

Europe 1 with AFP

Military aid to Ukraine, blocked in the American Congress for several months and on which elected officials must vote on Saturday, “will not be able to change anything” in the situation on the front, the Kremlin assured Thursday.

“This cannot in any way influence the development of the situation on the fronts. (…) This cannot change anything,” Russian presidential spokesperson Dmitri Peskov told the press. The Russian army has been on the offensive for several months at different points of the front line which extends over approximately 1,000 km in eastern and southern Ukraine.

For its part, exhausted by two years of fighting, Ukraine is struggling against the Russian army, which is superior in number of soldiers and quantities of weapons and ammunition. Ukrainian forces also lack air defense systems to protect their so-called “essential” cities and infrastructure from Russian missiles and explosive drones.

$61 billion in military and economic assistance

In mid-March, President Volodymyr Zelensky judged a rapid decision by the American Congress on the release of aid to his country to be “critically important”. The adoption of this aid package comprising nearly $61 billion in military and economic assistance has been demanded for months by Joe Biden, with the American leader saying on Wednesday once again “very favorable” to this envelope.

It has already been approved by the Senate with a Democratic majority, but remains blocked in Congress, with Republican representatives, supporting Donald Trump, turning a deaf ear six months before the presidential election.

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