Ukraine conflict with Russia – US embassy officials reportedly to leave Kyiv – News

  • The US State Department has instructed the families of diplomats to leave the US Embassy in Kiev.
  • This is in view of the increasing tensions in the Ukraine crisis, according to various media reports.
  • Employees who are not immediately needed should also leave the country. There had already been speculation about this step.

The message about the possible instruction to the embassy staff comes from media reports such as the TV channel “ABC” with reference to an internal letter. The day before, the US State Department said there was “nothing to announce” about the evacuation of families of embassy staff.

The ministry also stressed that US citizens in Ukraine could not count on a government-sponsored evacuation operation should attitudes towards embassy staff and relatives change. “Commercial flights are currently available to support departure,” it said.

The Federal Foreign Office in Germany announced on Saturday that it would not reduce embassy staff in Kiev. “We are very closely monitoring the security situation for the staff at our diplomatic missions in Ukraine, and we are also in close contact with our partners in the EU and at international level,” it said.

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